what the speed of light can tell us about everything

you've probably heard that the speed of light is 299,792,458 m/s. while mostly true, this does not account for one important fact: that is the speed of light going on a "round trip". because of confusing - and frankly, kinda boring - physics stuff, you simply cannot measure the speed of light in one direction. this is not a new discovery. in fact, you probably already watched a Veritasium video about this exact concept.

instead, i propose a more philosophical response. why does it matter? who cares if we can't measure the speed of light in one direction? maybe some things are just destined to be unknowable no matter what. and to be more logical, if something is unable to be measured, that means it cannot impact our lives. if it was able to change our lives in any way, we'd be able to measure that change, and therefore know what was happening.

i propose this philosphy to be extended to more than just the unidirectional speed of light; for example, the existence of "God". if some diety or dieties do exist, and they can change our lives, then we'd be able to measure that they exist, and therefore know for sure that they did. if we can't know if they truly exist or not, then they can't change anything about our lives, so there's no reason to bother worrying about whether or not they exist.

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