the depth of creation

when creating things, we generally don't think of every little step it took to get all the way to where we are now. but I think it's interesting how far that can take us down the rabbit hole of history. for example, think about a piece of digital art.

that digital art was created using a piece of computer software

to create that piece of computer software, the operating system of the computer had to be created

to create the operating system, the computer itself had to have been created

to create the computer, the integrated circuits inside of it had to be created

to create the integrated circuit, millions of transistors are packed onto a silicon wafer

to create the silicon wafer, pure silicon must first be isolated from silica

everything we make today has been isolated from the raw materials of our natural world through countless steps. while no one person could do all of these things on their own, we come together to do these monumental tasks; and I think that's truly amazing. that everything has been optimized to the point where one barely has to think about any of the massive amount of steps involved to reach the point they're at, and simply can create what they want with almost no limitations.

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