on the conservation of energy

it is commonly held by those with spiritual beliefs, that somehow, in some way, the universe was created. that some great creator(s) somehow must have made the world we live in. of course, nobody can answer the question of what created the creator(s), and so they usually give up at that point. the question becomes simple; why must we have this middleman? why did something have to create everything around us?

similarly, the greatest core assumption of modern physics is that of conservation of energy. no matter what you do, and no matter how you do it, energy — and by extension, mass — cannot be created nor destroyed. the more we figure out about the world we live in, the more this idea is reinforced, and only the most unrealistic of fringe theories even come close to questioning it. no matter what you do, the amount of mass-energy remains constant.

for these reasons, i propose a simple conclusion: nothing was ever created. every bit of mass-energy that exists now has always existed, and will continue to exist forever. while we cannot know what happened before the Big Bang, we can be sure that nothing was created by it, and that nothing will ever be destroyed by anything that comes after it. what exists may change form, but it will always exist.

everything has always been,
everything will always be.

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